Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Insha Allah

It has been a while since the last update of this blog. It wasn't
totally because of the hectic life as a student. As I found that my
time table is not so hectic yet. Sometimes when I read
blogs from friends and anonymous, it makes me feel so underrated.
I know, it is not a good habit isn't it? Last time I got an advise from
a friend, saying that : its not a problem to be humble, but not too
much until we criticize ourselves which are actually
creations from Allah swt.

Last month I saw a Youtube-link from a friend in Facebook,
which was a song from the new Nasyid Artist Maher Zain. The
title of the song is 'Open Your Eyes'. As I heard the song, I
already said to myself :

"I'm really gonna get the full album of this guy".

But sadly, it ended up that it was really hard to get any of
the tracks, as the Album itself hasn't been released yet.

Alhamdulillah during the Usrah Online last 3 weeks, all of us got
the album as a softcopy from Bro Rafiq through Skype. Thanks a lot
to him. But for others, it is highly recommended to get the
original album *peace*.

As expected, all of his songs are really good. The messages are
clearly brought within his great voice. He is one of my favourite
english Nasyid Artist other than Dawud Wharnsby, Zain
Bikha, and Yusuf Islam.

I tried to make a record of one of his songs called 'Insha Allah' and
a simple edited video for it. The lyrics are very inspiring and
motivating my mood at the moment. It's also
dedicated to someone special.

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